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Hello! :) Welcome and welcome, Here you can watch all of the invader zim episodes ever made as well as other related stuff, but that's currently a work in progress. We hope you enjoy your stay at our website, and have fun watching these videos, we appreciate your views. So sit back relax and watch Zim and Gir do their thing and have a few laughs!

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the cartoon Invader ZIM is themed around a little very smart yet dim witted alien named Zim from the planet Irk, he is part of a race who invades other planets and absorbs them into their work force, they think that they are the only superior race in the universe, zim is assigned with the task to take planet earth, a dark and satirical version of the Earth. he goes undercover and tries to learn the best way of taking over earth without much trouble, Zim's schemes are usually blocked by his own stupidity or by his antagonist, Dib a UFO enthusiast who goes to school with Zim and appears to be determined to save the Earth. He is one of the few characters who is responsive to Hes true character, as the remainder of humanity is either too dumb or apathetic to care.

through out the show, there were only 27 episodes made and completed, and as a bonus they also included the recorded audio tracks for the uncompleted episodes they were planing to make, soon after they released a DVD set with every episode to the market, this box set included 47 episodes which came in 6 DVDs,  the show was suppose to have 17 more episodes but that didn't really happen since it got pulled off the air but there is some good news though invader zim episodes were aired on July 2010 if it gets enough positive ratings they might continue the show and finish the series  and might even extend it even further.